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Adopt your own lemon tree

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Adopt your own 100% organic lemon tree


Organic agriculture

I grow my lemon grove in a completely natural way and let nature take its course. I get help from useful insects to fight harmful ones and I only use organically derived products.


From fields to your table

You can adopt your lemon tree, follow its production cycle and receive your 100% natural fruits directly at home. Lemons from field to table, just like they used to be.


Help our planet!

n my lemon grove I put into practice a careful control of the resources with which in each production cycle I am able to eliminate the waste of water and the use of chemicals that are harmful to health.


Lemonline is the digital version of my lemon grove.

Lemons are cultivated in Campania, located in the heart of Piana del Sele, without the use of chemical pesticides for post-harvest storage.

With lemonline you can adopt your tree choosing the Adoption Plan that best suits your needs.

The subsciption service allows you to receive the fruits of your own tree, grown with love and fully respecting nature, directly at your home.

Good genuine and above all organic lemons.

With favorable climatic conditions lemons flower in different periods of the year. It is expected the production of 3 harvests each year:

Primofiore Lemons: blossoming between March and April; harvest between October and January;

Bianchetti lemons: blossoming in June; harvest between April and May;

Verdello Lemons: blossoming between July and September; harvest in summer time.

With your adoption plan you will get two deliveries of 7,5Kg each, for a total of 15Kg of lemons.

How it works

What does adoption include

With Lemonline you can adopt your naturally grown lemon tree and receive the quantity of lemons laid down in your Adoption Plan.

With the subscription you will be updated periodically about the life cycle of your tree, until the fruit is harvested and the Lemonbox is shipped with the freshly picked fruit.

With the Adoption Plan you will:

1. adopt a lemon tree and receive your own Adoption Certificate;

2. have a plaque with your name on your tree;

3. receive periodic tips and recipes from “Nonna Maria’s Cookbook”;

4. get the chance to visit the lemon grove located in Eboli (SA);

5. receive the Lemonbox with the quantity of lemons laid down in your Adoption Plan.

The International Adoption Plan is only available for:

-EUROPE (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia , Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Hungary);



Which countries do we ship to

Adopt 100% organic lemon tree

Choose the Adoption Plan

What's your name?

Receive the Adoption Certificate

Posting of the plate with the name

Choose the name of your tree

Are you ready to cook?

You will periodically receive advice and recipes from Nonna Maria's cookbook.

Receive lemons with the Lemonbox

Receive your freshly picked natural lemons at home periodically

Adopt your organic lemon tree now

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    Via San Vito Martire, Eboli (SA)

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